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enterAllPowers offers two different types of solar panel chargers for your devices so that you can always have a power source to give you the boost you need to keep your smartphone, tablet, iPod, GPS or other devices fully charged and available when you need them. Both batteries are available to be charged either through solar power or the traditional method through a USB cable plugged to your computer or an electrical outlet, giving you extra flexibility for use. The first battery reviewed features larger solar panels while the second is shaped just like your phone or iPod.

First Device: AllPowers 16W Solar Panel Charger



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The 16W Solar Panel Charger from AllPowers is available in several different battery sizes to accommodate what you may need out of the battery and what you have to charge. Each battery size naturally comes at a different price point, with the larger capacity 18 volt 28 watt costing more than the 18 volt 14 watt or the 5 volt 16 watt versions. All three look very similar, with the only difference being in charging capacity. No matter which style you may choose to use, the charger comes with features that you will like having:

  • PowersIQ TechnologyThis is technology specific to the AllPowers product line that incorporates their ability to perform fast charges. The charger can quickly detect the type of device that you are looking to charge and deliver a very fast charge in speeds up to 2 Amperes so that you can get whatever device you need full of power as quickly as possible.
  • Solar Patent TechnologyAllPowers chargers also all feature this exclusive technology, with unique silicon solar panels that feature a special anti-scratch technology so you do not have to worry about the panels getting damaged when you lay them down outside for sunlight.
  • Dual OutputYou can have the luxury of charging two items at once if you need to thanks to the dual output. This can be really helpful to you if you need to get a couple of devices charged at the same time, but you do need to realize that charging multiple devices at once means the power will be split, taking longer to charge each device than if you were just charging one item.

Keeping that in mind, you can take advantage of the full power of the solar panels, whether you get the 28 watt, 14 watt or 16 watt versions, with charging just one device and you can get a quality charge on many cellphones and smartphones in about 3 hours’ time with good sunlight. This can be perfect for a variety of situations.



The Best Situations for a Solar Charger

allpowers3There are a number of situations where the AllPowers 16W Solar Charger can come in handy. They are great to have around the house for use in any kind of emergency situation where the power may be out for an extended time and you do not have electricity. You can simply fold out the panels to get power from the natural light and sunlight and have more than enough to keep your devices going until power is restored. Many people also like to take chargers like this when they are on the road for extended trips or doing any type of camping or hiking. When you are on the road doing a lot of driving, you can set up the charger to take in the sun and charge a laptop or tablet while your phone is plugged into your car charger, giving you power when you get to your destination. For camping, it is perfect because it is lightweight (it weighs less than a pound) and folds up nicely for storage while giving you a great energy source to charge a phone, tablet, camera or other device.


Frequently Asked Questions

faq  “What kind of devices can this battery charge?”

This particular battery can handle all of your small electronic devices, such as cellphones, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, cameras, Bluetooth headsets or any other device that is USB-compatible. The charger comes with 10 different connectors to fit all your needs.

faq  “How well does this work in inclement weather and cloudy days?”

As you would expect, the more sunlight you have available when you want to use this charger the better off you will be. While you will get a charge on cloudy or even rainy days (the panels are waterproof) it will take longer for the device to get a good charge because there is less energy going into the charger.

faq  “What is the significant difference between the 18v 28 watt, the 18v 14 watt and the 5v 16 watt models?”

The real difference lays in the amount of energy each version stores. The lesser wattage that you have (such as the 14 watt), the longer it will take charge a device. With more wattage, you can charge more devices at a time efficiently or just one device in a faster time.



Second Device: AllPowers Solar Charger Portable Battery Power Bank



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If you are looking for an alternative to the solar panels and just need a smaller charger for devices, this AllPowers Solar Panel Charger Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank can be just the solution you need. This charger is also available in 2 sizes – 10000mAh and 23000mAh. Depending on which battery size you choose will really help to determine the capabilities of the device. For either version there are some extra features and details to this particular charger that may make it more appealing to you than a solar panel charger.

  • Multiple Ports for Charging – The 10,000 mAh battery features 2 USB ports – a 1 amp and a 2.4 amp – so you can charge 2 devices, one at low speed and one at high speed. It also has a input micro USB port for charging the battery without sun light. The 23,000 mAh battery has 2 outputs: a fast 2.1 amps USB port and a DC 12V/16V/19V/3A for charging laptops.
  • More Than Solar Power – The important aspect of this particular device is that it can get its main charge from you charging it via an adapter that you can plug into your computer via USB or through the use of an adapter to plug into your wall. Once the pack is fully charged, you can then unplug the device and use it to charge your other devices. When you need to recharge it, you can plug it back in the wall or make use of the solar panels to get solar charge to the device.
  • Added Security Protection – What makes this battery stand out over others is that it has over-current protection and short circuit protection built into it. This means that the pack will shut down automatically when an overload is detected or a short circuit is detected. This helps not only to protect the pack from overheating and burning out but it protects any of the devices you plug into it from short circuiting as well, which can be a real lifesaver for you.

allpowers4 allpowers5

The features of this AllPowers battery allow you to use this particular pack when you are on the go or even right at home when you just an extra power source to give something a charge. The one thing you really need to remember about this device is that you are not going to get a really fast charge no matter what device you plug into it and it can be even slower if you are using two devices or relying on solar charging. The lower capacity 10000mAh only has a 5 volt output maximum, so you will get a much slower charge.


Main Differences between the 10000mAh and 23000mAh

Besides that obvious distinction that the 23000mAh has more power and storage capacity than the smaller version, what really comes into play are the devices you can charge on the two. The output of the 10000mAh means that you can only charge smaller devices and items like a cellphone, smartphone, tablet, GPS or camera. The 23000mAh has a much stronger output and can output up to 19v, which is enough to help you charge a laptop. Keep in mind though that neither device is going to give a quick charge.


Frequently Asked Questions

faq  “Will this charge any type of laptop?”

The answer to this question is both yes and no. As has been stated, the 10000mAh version does not have the capability or power to charge a laptop, but if you buy the larger 23000mAh, the battery can charge a laptop for you. You just need to use the proper connection for your particular device.

faq  “Is this device easy to travel with?”

This AllPowers charger is small enough to easily fit into a briefcase, handbag or even in the glove compartment of a car without any trouble at all. Many people bring this with them when they travel or go camping or hiking so they have alternative power supply should it be needed and it is light enough to have with you in your bag or case all of the time if you need it.

faq  “How long does it take to give a full charge?”

A lot depends on just what you are trying to charge and which particular size battery you are using and how much charge is in the device. The smaller size battery can give you a full charge of your smartphone or cellphone when it is fully charged itself in about 2 hours. The larger 23000Amh can do the same for a laptop. Just remember that the charge will be slower if the battery is relying on solar charging.




For either of the AllPowers options for solar chargers you can get a quality charge or have an emergency power source when you really need it so you can get any of your devices the power than need, whether you are at home without electricity or on the go on vacation, camping or hiking. You can get either the AllPowers Solar Panel Charger Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank or the AllPowers Solar Panel Charger from Amazon at good prices for any of the varying styles.



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